Teamwork is of the essence
Our platform puts teams first. We provide a collaborative environment that enables you to share and discuss your research with your colleagues, and to work together to solve complex scientific challenges.
Standardized Procedures
Nodes allow for the creation of standardized procedures, which can be shared and reused across the platform.
Standardized Environments
Container technology allows for the creation of standardized environments that run your applications, which can be shared and reused across the platform.
Project Management
Projects allow you to organize your research projects, and to keep track of the progress of your team.
Sharing Features
Sharing allows you to share your flows, code, reports, data with your colleagues in a fine-grained manner.
Realtime collaboration
Realtime collaboration allows you to work with your colleagues on the same flows, code, reports, data.
Report templates allow you to create reports directly from research data that can be shared with your colleagues. Additionally, you can create your own reports without templates.


Better Collaboration: By having standardized and accessible workspace, you can work more effectively with colleagues and collaborators, improving communication and coordination.
Improved Recordkeeping: By making standardized reporting easier and attached to the actual data, your results always have sufficient context to understand them even when employees change.
Improved Outcomes: Our platform helps you to improve the quality and consistency of your research outcomes, reducing errors and other issues.
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