Eliminate manual repetition
Process management
Our platform offers comprehensive process management tools that enable you to optimize your research workflows, streamline collaboration, and improve project outcomes. With our platform, you can automate your research processes, enabling you to focus on the scientific challenges at hand and accelerate your research.
Workflow Automation
Our platform provides workflow automation tools that enable you to automate routine tasks, improving the efficiency and consistency of your research workflows.
Project Tracking
With our project tracking features, you can track the progress of your research projects, identifying and addressing bottlenecks and other issues in real-time.
Low-code IDE
Containerized commercial to open source to home grown applications can be managed and accessed from the platform, making sure everyone is working with the same version and results can be reproduced in years to come.
Import and export data from and to your applications using our REST API and CLI tools.
Connect applications
Build complex workflows spanning multiple applications and services with our workflow-automation tools.
Code, Data, Applications and Notes
Everything is in one place, allowing for faster iteration cycles by identifying issues early on.


Increased Efficiency: By automating routine tasks and by having a better overview, our platform helps you to work more efficiently, accelerating your research.
Improved Outcomes: Our platform helps you to improve the quality and consistency of your research outcomes, reducing errors and other issues.
Better Collaboration: By having standardized and accessible workspace, you can work more effectively with colleagues and collaborators, improving communication and coordination.
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