A single point of access
Our platform provides powerful infrastructure management tools that enable you to manage your High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure in a way that is scalable, flexible, and efficient. With our platform, you can streamline the management of your HPC infrastructure, reducing administrative burden and improving the overall performance of your research.
Resource Management
Our platform provides tools for managing HPC resources, including job scheduling, load balancing, and resource budgeting.
Serverless computing
With the help of container-based serverless computing, small to large jobs can be scheduled efficiently, minimizing underutilized resources.
Application management
Containerized commercial to open source to home grown applications can be managed and accessed from the platform, making sure everyone is working with the same version and results can be reproduced in years to come.
Cloud and on-premise
Scale your research tasks to new limits with the power of the cloud to meet tight deadlines or if on-premise resources don't suffice anymore.
Our internal services are hosted in a redundant and fault tolerant manner, making sure that the lights always stay on.
GPU enabled
GPU computing has become essential for tasks like AI and simulations. You gain access to state-of-the-art GPU cards or integrate your existing racks.
Depiction of the heterogenous infrastructure in research departments.

Master scattered systems

Research departments operate in a very heterogenous environment. Laboratory computers that control experiments and collect raw data can be in different facilities. High-Performance computing clusters might be used to effectively run demanding jobs. Office computers need access to this data for further investigation. A central archive should be in place to collect all raw and treated data. Managing access to data, budgeting compute resources in a team and proper archiving can be challenging to implement. Our platform drastically simplifies this process.


Simplified resource management: Our platform enables you to budget your internal computing resources between team members and individual projects as well as granting fine-grained access rights to different resources.
Improved security: Having a single point of access to your infrastructure alongside controlled individual privileges, minimizes the potential of cyber threats and enables access audits.
Increased Efficiency: By providing a centralized platform for your applications, there will be no more friction during collaboration as everyone can work with the same tools, independent of their favorite OS.
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