Symmetry and nonlinearity of spin wave resonance excited by focused surface acoustic waves

Piyush J. Shah, Derek A. Bas, Abbass Hamadeh, Michael Wolf, Andrew Franson, Michael Newburger, Philipp Pirro, Mathias Weiler, Michael R. Page
The use of a complex ferromagnetic system to manipulate GHz surface acoustic waves is a rich current topic under investigation, but the high-power nonlinear regime is under-explored. We introduce focused surface acoustic waves, which provide a way to access this regime with modest equipment. Symmetry of the magneto-acoustic interaction can be tuned by interdigitated transducer design which can introduce additional strain components. Here, we compare the impact of focused acoustic waves versus standard unidirectional acoustic waves in significantly enhancing the magnon-phonon coupling behavior. Analytical simulation results based on modified Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert theory show good agreement with experimental findings. We also report nonlinear input power dependence of the transmission through the device. This experimental observation is supported by the micromagnetic simulation using mumax3 to model the nonlinear dependence. These results pave the way for extending the understanding and design of acoustic wave devices for exploration of acoustically driven spin wave resonance physics.
Tags: physics
last updated at 5/4/2023