Our platform is designed to support all aspects of R&D operations, from data management to collaboration, infrastructure, and process management.

Implement FAIR data management

With our FAIR data management features, you can store, share, and manage research data in a way that promotes open and reproducible science.
Powerful search
Globally unique DOIs
Tracked metadata
Full data legacy
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Centralize your infrastructure

Master a scattered landscape of IT resources. Manage and access your resources from a single point. Work from on-premise resources to the cloud with minimal overhead.
Cloud computing
On-premise computing
GPU enabled
Connect and integrate
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Automate and manage your workflows

Your job sure is complicated but even complicated things do repeat and repetition is for computers. A streamlined way to work that makes everything you do repeatable across applications.
Low-code IDE
Process graphs
Rest API and CLI
Connect your applications
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Achieve more together

Communicate and work with team members and external partners, no matter where they are located. Instantly share results and reports and iterate quickly together with a single source of truth.
Fine-grained access control
Reports and notes
Data visualization
Budget resources
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